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[no subject] "apt-get" says file a bug report - Should I? "pon" gives "ttyS overrun" after upgrade "Warning" failure in chroot . . . Re: "Warning" failure in chroot . . . EUREAKA! "Warning: couldn't find charset data for locale ta_IN; using ISO 8859-1." 'en_US.UTF-8' locale missing 'white-rain' effect with SiS5597/5598 (no subject) (RE) Q. /dev/dsp /bin/sh: line 1: root: command not found /cdrom vs. /media/cdrom /dev/dsp /dev/dsp problem /dev/dvd problem and question /dev2/root still mounted after boot /proc/bus/usb directory is empty 2.4.X to 2.6.X pb 2.6.7 + Palm problems 2.6.7 boot problem 2.6.7 questions 3.0r1 vs 3.0r2 6 ip route add 6G memory "GOOD NEWS" 互動雜誌 issue 012 probleme de connéction 邮件病毒警告(VIRUS WARNING):您发送的邮件感染了病毒 Hotkeys при русской раскладке в X Herbstferien Suedtürkei.Abflüge 23.9. 30.09. 07.10. 14.10. 21.10. 28.10. 2004. >>> Important Notice: Error occurred during viruscheck <<< Re: [ANN] wxProportionalSplitterWindow [Chris] Re: [Silvan] Re: Console font change on startup - breaks laptop Re: [Clamav-users] Clamdscan Error 2 Re: [Csnd] Debian install breaks on 'Configuring Locales' [Debian-User] NTP problem [Debian-User] Security Hole!?? [Debian-User] Thanks Sturla Re: [debian] Re: Trick to burning a bootable Debian CD? [Fwd: (GASP!) Looking for commercial quality financial software] [Fwd: Installing package on debian] [Fwd: Re: naive question: how to quit properly the DELAY shell ?] [Fwd: Re: Newbie problems galore] Re: [ITS #280361] Status Re: [LIH]auto delete spam Re: [LIH]URGENT Configuring PCI card 2 slot serial on Debian Re: [linux-audio-user] Mellotron Re: [linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk Re: [OT] [Solved] Err, how do I turn off screen blanking [OT] Apache log analysis packages [OT] Err, how do I turn off screen blanking [OT] Hard Drive shutdown [OT] How to set pan's color [OT] pci, 2d video card, with Free driver Xinerama support [OT] quieter EPIC [OT] squidguard, dansguardian, other?? on a 486? Re: [OT] yahoo protocol switching [OT]Ghostscript Lists? [plug] Philippine Open Source Conference 2004 [Silvan] Re: Console font change on startup - breaks laptop Re: [SLUG] Re: Helix install from *bin files Re: [solved] jre segfaults Re: [Solved] startx setting the nice level to 5? Re: [toread] Re: bittorent on dialup `who` output keeps showing logins that have really logged out. A7N8X Integrated NIC About emacs About extra features of less ABOUT ICQ BULGARIA Abwesenheitsnotiz: {Spam?:12.78} Postcard access / mount harddisk with data acme Re: acme (solved, more of less) ACPI (WAS: Re: [I'm too lame to use Subjects...]) acpid and battery Re: Adaptec SCSI RAID 2010S and Woody add install-script to a boot-cd Advanced Routing ALSA / C-Media 8738 - module installed twice? ALSA problems with VIA8233 alsa suddenly mutes at bootup ALSA Troubles... Re: ALSA under 2.6.7 Amazingly slow bootup on HP laptop and other problems Anjuta and broken Any chance of Debian adding YaST any last words before I install kernel 2.6? Any way to search executable name? Anyone do DV editing (Kino and Cinelerra)? AnyOne got "Rekall" working on Debian Anyone using GNUstep? Re: Re: aol art files: apache2 and amavisd-new apache2 sends reply for / and redirect for ~<user> (setup Q) Apache2 ServerSignature Off failing Apache2/mailman - Scripts Don't Run APC UPS with USB on Woody APM and DPMS not working together apm problems after sid upgrade Re: Application results Confirmation apt doesn't upgrade packages Apt Questions APT Removing Packages *With Met* Dependancies? apt-get and Mailman apt-get dist-upgrade and /dev/input/mice apt-get dselect-upgrade Apt-get hangs apt-get install = remove? Re: Re: apt-get install hangs while unpacking apt-get source and /etc/apt/apt.conf apt-get trying to install same package version again apt-get update:"Dynamic MMap ran out of room" Re: apt-get upgrade conflicts apt-get upgrade downloaded kernel source now what? Apt-get upgrade for security announcement apt-get wants to remove orpie apt-listchanges apt-listchanges within aptitude apt/preferences origin pins for file:// sources ARTES Time Report Received (See Details) arts problems Ask about SSH. Asking about RSH on Linux? Asking more about RSH on Linux asterisk in console ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Soundproblem: modules (snd_intel8x0) loaded but sound is playing only one second ATI + LCD Monitor - refresh rate problem Re: ATI + LCD Monitor - refresh rate problem (Solved) ATI drivers on Radeon 9600, again (fwd) attempt to login as root? audio on DELL latitude d400 screwed up authentication errors auto delete spam Autocomplete autodetecting raid arrays on Alpha Re: automatically restarting dying daemons? Re: automounting backing up to ftp server Backports vs. Sarge Backup to DVD Re: Bandwidth monitor perip Bash equivalent to DOS /p The last update was on 12:13 GMT Sun May 19. There are 4601 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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