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alsa suddenly mutes at bootup

Hello all,

I have debian sarge with alsa fully configured. It was running nicely
until a few days ago.
Now it doesn't remember the mixer settings and the default setting is a
muted 'Master' channel.

I'm using a home build 2.6.3 kernel with nvidia drivers. I upgrade the
system regularly and use only the stable and testing apt-sources.

Shutting down the computer does say it stores mixer settings /and/ ALSA
mixer settings.
And when coming back up it says it restores the ALSA mixer settings /
and/ mixer settings.

But they always mute the master channel. Using alsactl store/restore or
sh /etc/init.d/alsa stop/start doesn't help.

Any suggestions how to keep the mixer settings would be very much
Steven M. Ottens (debian ad minst dod net)

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