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RE: Any chance of Debian adding YaST

<<I read recently that Novell has moved YaST to a GPL license. Does anyone
know if there are any official or third party plans to develop a version for

Look,I'm not saying the YaST is great or perfect.  But, I've tried 8 or 10
different distros, and the one thing that many do better that Debian is
manage and configure hardware from a central location.  Whether it's
Mandrake's HardDrake or Redhat/Fedora's Kudzu or Ark Linux's Mission
Control, etc., sometimes it's nice to have a central, handy hardware config
system.  Debian has everyone beat in package management and would be the
hands-down greatest distro on earth if it handled hardware a little better.
I've used YaST in SuSE 9.0 and 9.1 and as far as hardware configuration, it
has worked pretty well.  As far as software installation and configuration,
it sucks.  I use apt4rpm on my SuSE installation instead of YaST.

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