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Re: (RE) Q. /dev/dsp

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 18:24:39 -0000
Wayne Ward <infotechsys@pivot.net> wrote:

> Hi again,
> I lost the e-mail from the person who suggested thar I start the gnome
> control center and disable this error message. Could some kind soul
> show me the command. I just signed up for a dsl connection.The company
> is going to install it July 30th. I then will update many parts of the
> system.

Try "gnome-control-center". I think there's probably a link to this in
one of the menus as well, but I always get lost in their menus. :-)
> Could someone tell me if Vision Net 200
> dsl modem will work with Linux?

I'm not sure about this one. Is it an internal modem, usb modem, or (the
type I prefer) one that you need only to plug in an ethernet cable and
talk to it like another computer?


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