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Re: 6G memory

Jason Rennie wrote:


I've got a machine w/ 6 gigs physical memory.
kernel-image-2.4.26-1-686-smp only recognizes 4G.  I unsuccessfully
tried to build a custom kernel with kernel-package and in the process
learned that the 4G limit is due to a kernel option.  Is there a
2.4.26-1-[36]86-smp kernel available with the 64G mem option turned on?

I can't use a 2.6 kernel since we use Kerberos/AFS and AFAIK, AFS
doesn't work on 2.6 yet.

This may seem a little heretical:-)

Check out Red Hat's download areas for its latest 2.4 kernel. I'm pretty sure the Red Hat Enterprise kernels (those with enterprise in their names as some have smp) support more than 4 Gbytes.

I've never had use for such and so never needed to explore these options, but Red Hat has an enormous number of patches to its kernels.

You'd be looking for the src.rpm and that contains the standard kernel.org kernel plus (individually) all the patches RH applies plus (in the configs subdirectory) all the configurations it uses to build the kernels (and maybe some more configs as well).



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