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Re: [OT] pci, 2d video card, with Free driver Xinerama support

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, dircha wrote:

> It has been a while since I've used or put together any new computer 
> other than pre-configured laptops.
> I've tried to create a little list of what I am aiming for. If anyone 
> has had success along these lines, I would really appreciate any advice 
> or recommendations:
> - Can drive 1792x1344 at a non-seizure inducing refresh rate
> - Reasonable 2d quality for development and productivity app usage pattern
> - Hardware 3d acceleration is not an issue; I don't need it, so nothing 
> fancy
> - PCI (so that I can install 2)
> - Can install 2 and drive 2 monitors with Xinerama support
> - (Preferably) compatible driver in Debian sid XFree86, or will not 
> taint kernel
> - ACPI suspend compatibility would be nice, but not required
> - Something I can still hope to find at a brick-and-mortar retail store 
> would be nice as well, but not required
> - $80-100 USD per card (or less) if that is reasonable. Is it reasonable?

i;d use aeither matrox G450/G550  or ati rage ...
	and if you can spend more $$$$ .. get those G550MMS cards

for more dual/quad head fun

c ya

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