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Re: apt-get dselect-upgrade

Thomas Adam wrote:
> Sam Halliday wrote: 
> > may i ask how this would suggest that i have a broken system? i fail to
> > see the
> > reasoning.
> You said to "purge all un-installed apps". I mis-read that. Mind you, it
> wasn't well written anyway. :) What you mean is, you "remove'd" a package
> but did not --purge?


but as a more general solution i'd just like to get my dpkg list to agree with
the `apt-get dselect-upgrade` one.

> > > One suggestion I could make to you is an apt-get --reinstall install
> > foo foo+
> > 
> > what would that achieve? i don't want to reinstall any applications, i
> > just want
> > an easy way to purge the uninstalled package config files to save
> > clutter.
> Then the only way to do that is to --reinstall and --purge. No big deal.

yeah... i had considered doing that, but it seemed a one-liner script to purge
apps using dpkg --get/set-selections and sed.

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