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Re: ATI + LCD Monitor - refresh rate problem

On Sat, 2004-07-03 at 04:03, Pim Bliek | PingWings.nl wrote:
> Ehm... If I remember correctly....
> The optimal refreshrate for any LCD is 60 Hz. No need to go higher. It
> might damage your screen if you go to far, and it will give you **worse**
> image than on 60. 60 is the optimized refresh rate.

AIUI, you can't stuff up an LCD physically just by experiementing with
out-of-spec refresh rates. That's only a problem on (non-multisync?)

> Forget the whole refresh-rate discussion on CRT screens. LCD is a
> different world. Sorry, don't remember what the exact reason was, maybe
> someone can backup me up on this one ;).

I would like to have clarified however: what's the difference between
25ms and 16ms refresh on an LCD?

Is this related to LCDs that claim to do 75Hz refresh?

What's 75Hz refresh on an LCD?

Why does 25ms refresh add up to 40Hz, and 16ms refresh add up to about
60Hz, yet the 16ms LCDs typically advertize 75Hz refresh?

It's all so confusing when you don't know why :)

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