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RE: /dev2/root still mounted after boot


> Easiest thing (if you can) is to umount the drive causing you 
> both, issue:
> mount -n /dev/foo /somewhere
> remove the annoyances (corrections) in /etc/mtab, and remount 
> the device
> wirh the correct perms.

I'm not sure what you meant about editting /etc/mtab since when I looked at
it on the test box it appears to get overwritten at boot time.  However,
your advice led me to poking around with /etc/mtab a bit more and I
discovered the problem.

On the test box /etc/mtab is a file, on the server box it's a symlink to
/proc/mounts.  With all the STFW I did, I guess I just wasn't searching for
the right thing.

Thanks for getting me headed in the right direction.

Bill Greganti
Greganti Consulting

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