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Re: Anyone do DV editing (Kino and Cinelerra)?

Apparently, _Bill Moseley_, on 07/07/04 23:13,typed:

Search google for "cinelerra tutorial" -- there's only a few.  I found
one that explained about creating a DVD.

I have tried a couple of times. Once after editingin Cinelerra and using mplex, which gave erros, and by eventually using tcmplex. No luck yet, am not being able to get the sound track.

Then I tried using Kino to export as DVD format mpeg, but it never finished, complaining about missing .mpv file. Result, i am just starting out on this and don't know much. Hence the two failures. I will give this another try soon and hopefully I will get some progress.

That ibook of my friends with imovie is looking nice now... ;)

sigh .... how true :(


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