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Re: 6G memory

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

On 2004-07-29, John Summerfield penned:
Thanks M.

Ooh!  I like that.  Can I be "M" from the James Bond movies?  Except,
you know, younger.

You can be any M you like:-) 'cept, probably M & M.


Off hand, I can't think of any impediment to running a RH kernel on
Debian, unless the NPTL causes problems, and the quickest way to find
that out is to try it.

I don't use stock kernels or initrd, but is it possible redhat and
debian might handle initrd differently somehow?  That's the only thing I
could think of, and I'd imagine there would be documentation to figure
it out, anyway.
Well, they both put the kernels in /boot (but named a little differently), and both put modules in /lib/modules/$(uname -r)

You could conceivably get some dependency problems, but those could _easily) be handled by installing the appropriate Debian package and not using it:-)

Think lmsensors. The modules in RHL are in the kernel package.

If you have some flash new hardware, building a kernel from RH or Mandrake or SuSE is more likely to provide support for it than Debian is. I know RH and Mandrake both had USB in 2.2 when it wasn't in kernel.org source.

Red Hat puts a lot of work into gcc, glibc, the kernel and gnome (and probably lots of other stuff).

It's a shame DDs don't actually use RHL some of the time. It's called "surveying the opposition."

Of course, on RH lists I used to tell 'em what they did wrong!



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