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Re: 'white-rain' effect with SiS5597/5598

On Monday 19 July 2004 09:41, Csaba Sarai wrote:
> Hello everybody!
>  I have installed Debian Woddy 3.01r1 (stable) on my computer which has
> integrated video card SiS5597/5598. Unfortunately it has side
> effect-'white rain'. Could somebody has any idea to fix this problem?

Go to Thomas Winischhofer's site and get an updates driver.  He wrote
the original but the one in Woody is rather old and he has much better
ones now, written in spite of negligable support from SIS from what I
can gather,  The URL is http://www.winischhofer.net.  He even has
debs available.

His drivers have recently been merged into 4.3.0 of X-window but that is
only in unstable, not stable.


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