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Any chance of Debian adding YaST

I have both Debian and SuSE installed on my computer.  The one thing I
really like about SuSE are the YaST components related to hardware setup
(not the components related to software installation).  YaST has some very
simple and easy tools to set up firewalls, edit and reload bootloaders, make
boot disks, setup cdrom and hard drive options, networking, scanners,
printers, etc.  While all of these things can be done by hand through a
command line, it's really nice to be able to quickly see what hardware is
installed, how its set up and what options there are all from a centralized
location.  I read recently that Novell has moved YaST to a GPL license.
Does anyone know if there are any official or third party plans to develop a
version for Debian.  

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