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Re: [Debian-User] NTP problem

Didar Hussain wrote:


I'm having a problem connecting to the public NTP servers.
I have tried clock.redhat.com, time.windows.com (well...uhmm)
and ntp.debian.org. I use `ntpdate' to synchronise my system when I connect to the ISP using dial-up. I have been using
the "-u" option consistently to query the NTP servers, but,
I get the error:

	malaika:root# ntpdate -q -u ntp.debian.org
	server, stratum 0, offset 0.000000, delay 0.00000
	13 Jul 23:21:36 ntpdate[1006]: no server suitable for
	synchronization found

Obviously, my ISP is blocking outgoing udp port 123. What, I want to know is, does ntp.debian.org have another port open that will redirect to 123. I will have to use iptables NAT table to change the destination port, wonder if it is possible!

It's not obvious to me. I use pool.net.org

If you think your ISP's blocking it, why not
a) Ask your ISP whether it provides an NTP or simple NTP server?
b) Ask your ISP whether if does block NTP traffic.



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