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Re: apt-listchanges within aptitude


On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 08:16:34AM -0400, Kenneth Jacker wrote:
> On my older 'woody' system, 'aptitude' shows me the "change log"
> before actually updating packages and mails a copy of the changes to
> 'root'.  However, in my new 'sarge' systems, neither of these are
> happening ...

BTW, it is the add-on "apt-listchanges" which does this, not aptitude
by itself.

> Here's my "/etc/apt/listchanges.conf:
>    [apt]
>    frontend=pager
>    email_address=root
>    confirm=1
>    save_seen=/var/lib/apt/listchanges.db
>    which=news

Here is the problem, I guess you want "which=both". Either change it
manually or do it using "dpkg-reconfigure -plow apt-listchanges".


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