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[no subject] "dpkg -l" redirection "ip tunnel add" woes -- potato 'connection refused' messages Re: (hard drive not recognized) (no subject) (OT) Re: ma esistono donne che usano debian????? (potato) dselect mess after upgrade to XFree 4.1.0 - how to get out of but keep XFree4.1! Re: (potato) dselect mess after upgrade to XFree 4.1.0 - how to get out of but keep XFree4.1! .htaccess does not work under /var/www/ /etc/issue Re: /etc/issue ...w/color Re: /etc/magicfilter/ljet4-filter file /etc/passwd file, and USERSPEC.H /etc/passwd lookalike for nntpcache /etc/security/limits.conf Re: /tmp size 100dpi vs 75dpi sizes 2 CUPS machines _way_ too chatty 2 nics, 1 network, puzzle? Re: 2.2r5 Kernel Module Install Failure 2.4 kernels with potato and Movie players 2e Try:) Alt-Control doesn't work 2nd attempt Text Email - Log Changes Re: 3c5x9setup adapter failure on isa etherlink 3 3c5x9setup: EEPROM rewritting 3D Modeller -- No Blender... 3d with nvidia Re: 3d with nvidia ( follow-up) 3dfx howto -- whereis? Re: 42 (was emacs21) 生儿育女,孕前自然选择,成功率高达96% 14:33:06 ? about C++ [ALMOST Solved] Re: Wheel mouse [DONE] Re: latest Nvidia drivers [eich@XFree86.Org: [Xpert]Trident 9397 Color Distortion Problem] [FIXED] Mutt displays my message index all wrong [FIXED] WindowMaker keybindings [Fwd: Re: More on RealPlayer and galeon] [Fwd: Re: PS/2 mouse lagging] [Fwd: Re: Re: Sound Problem] [Fwd: Re: SSH probs solved (was: SSH2 packet error..)] Re: [Harry Putnam <>] Re: Terminfo and emacs Re: [mailinglists] slow telnet and ftp connections [newbie] Problems getting Xwindows working [includes /etc/X11/XF86Config and startx logfile] Re: [newbie] Problems getting Xwindows working [includes /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and startx logfile] [NOISE]Re: Certificate printer software? / turboprint [OT] Re: CALL FOR HELP [OT] Redefinition of Black Market [was Re: Screen-free Linux?] [OT] Stressing hardware under windows [OT]: Recommended Gaming Controller for Linux?? Re: [PLUG] SHA utility (found it!) Fwd: [Re: Vim in mutt (was: Re: Compiling from source)] [SOLUTION] Re: Troubles with SCSI LUNS (IDE CD-RW with SCSI emulation [SOLVED] configure exim/fetchmail w/ dialup; daemon trouble. [SOLVED] strange locale problem in x [광고] 종량제 봉투 절약형 압축쓰레기통 소개 abiword fonts -- avoid? Abiword hangs. Have somebody else experienced this? about load LANCE model to AMD PCNET 32 in VMware Re: about terminals: backspace <-> del accented characters in linux/Debian? Re: acentuacao.. RE: acentuacao.. - UNSUBSCRIBE ACPI: Two Power buttons? Acroread not displaying menu text Re: Acroread not displaying menu text -Solved- Acroread not displaying menu text 2nd try add two to the group, only one shows up? Adding /dev/hdXX nodes Adding fonts to TeX? Adding new kernel modules Address rewriting with exim as smarthost Adjusting logs ADV -- The Right Parts For Your Equipment Needs Advice on wysiwyg editor Advice req on switching from static to dynamic IP ... agpgart: memory for AGP (i810 chipset). AIM Installation Errors RE: AIM Installation Errors (typeo correction) Alas, libtrash makes mutt crash Almost there! ALSA - no sound cards defined. Alsa and debian alsa dsp devfs ALSA install steps??? ALSA modules not loading ALSA or XMMS problem? Re: Alsa with sblive: progress? ALT and CTRL won't work in X AltGr dont work !?! AMD Support anacron another potato/woody X3/4 question Re: Another update on "The Kernel that Wouldn't Boot" Re: any disk browser? Any good ftp front end Any Users/LUGs in Richland Hills area? anyone setup Debian potato X-windows working in VMware? anyone successfully install debian on hp rx4610 (lion server?) apache and zope Re: Apache fails to ExecCGI properly Apache Log rotation Apache not talking beyond localhost Apache on Debian - high loads? apache restart apache seg faulting (was: Re: apt-get reinstall?) Apache to Apache-SSL APM on HP OmniBook XT1000 not working apm strangeness apt & cache apt always upgrade the package that I built :( Re: apt logs apt pin-priority and /etc/apt/preferences file apt-get & /etc/apt/preferences oddities apt-get and debian 2.2 apt-get build-deps <package> or -b switch apt-get has stopped working on my machine apt-get reinstall? RE: apt-get reinstall? (additional question) apt-get reports locale problems? apt-get source vs. binary apt-get update errors apt-move archives/searching old mail dir cyrus Are debian packages linked against the latest libraries? Are these machines up to it? ascii Re: assign data to specified address ATI AllInWonder & loading TV module attached: error output for X attached: new error output and XF86Config attachment problem with mutt Attn. Accounting/President Re: audio sample rate conversion audiphone? Re: AutoCAD (or similar) for Debian/Linux? autoinstall advice needed AVI/DivX -> MPEG1 converter? Avoid booting direct to X.. I want my starx back AW: only root can start a x-session Back up using tape or remote backing up /etc Re: backing up /etc - exceptions Re: backlight off w/o suspend Backup server Re: backup with tar Basedebs.tar's Md5 bash scripting question (variables and spaces) Basic linux network questions (long) The last update was on 07:52 GMT Mon Aug 05. There are 5115 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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