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[no subject] 100dpi vs 75dpi sizes Re: 2.2r5 Kernel Module Install Failure 2.4 kernels with potato and Movie players 2 CUPS machines _way_ too chatty 2e Try:) Alt-Control doesn't work 2nd attempt Text Email - Log Changes 2 nics, 1 network, puzzle? Re: 3c5x9setup adapter failure on isa etherlink 3 3c5x9setup: EEPROM rewritting 3dfx howto -- whereis? 3D Modeller -- No Blender... 3d with nvidia Re: 3d with nvidia ( follow-up) Re: 42 (was emacs21) abiword fonts -- avoid? Abiword hangs. Have somebody else experienced this? ? about C++ about load LANCE model to AMD PCNET 32 in VMware Re: about terminals: backspace <-> del accented characters in linux/Debian? Re: acentuacao.. RE: acentuacao.. - UNSUBSCRIBE ACPI: Two Power buttons? Acroread not displaying menu text Acroread not displaying menu text 2nd try Re: Acroread not displaying menu text -Solved- Adding /dev/hdXX nodes Adding fonts to TeX? Adding new kernel modules Address rewriting with exim as smarthost add two to the group, only one shows up? Adjusting logs Advice on wysiwyg editor Advice req on switching from static to dynamic IP ... ADV -- The Right Parts For Your Equipment Needs agpgart: memory for AGP (i810 chipset). AIM Installation Errors RE: AIM Installation Errors (typeo correction) Alas, libtrash makes mutt crash [ALMOST Solved] Re: Wheel mouse Almost there! Alsa and debian alsa dsp devfs ALSA install steps??? ALSA modules not loading ALSA - no sound cards defined. ALSA or XMMS problem? Re: Alsa with sblive: progress? ALT and CTRL won't work in X AltGr dont work !?! AMD Support anacron another potato/woody X3/4 question Re: Another update on "The Kernel that Wouldn't Boot" Re: any disk browser? Any good ftp front end anyone setup Debian potato X-windows working in VMware? anyone successfully install debian on hp rx4610 (lion server?) Any Users/LUGs in Richland Hills area? apache and zope Re: Apache fails to ExecCGI properly Apache Log rotation Apache not talking beyond localhost Apache on Debian - high loads? apache restart apache seg faulting (was: Re: apt-get reinstall?) Apache to Apache-SSL APM on HP OmniBook XT1000 not working apm strangeness apt always upgrade the package that I built :( apt & cache apt-get and debian 2.2 apt-get build-deps <package> or -b switch apt-get & /etc/apt/preferences oddities apt-get has stopped working on my machine apt-get reinstall? RE: apt-get reinstall? (additional question) apt-get reports locale problems? apt-get source vs. binary apt-get update errors Re: apt logs apt-move apt pin-priority and /etc/apt/preferences file archives/searching old mail dir cyrus Are debian packages linked against the latest libraries? Are these machines up to it? ascii Re: assign data to specified address ATI AllInWonder & loading TV module attached: error output for X attached: new error output and XF86Config attachment problem with mutt Attn. Accounting/President Re: audio sample rate conversion audiphone? Re: AutoCAD (or similar) for Debian/Linux? autoinstall advice needed AVI/DivX -> MPEG1 converter? Avoid booting direct to X.. I want my starx back AW: only root can start a x-session backing up /etc Re: backing up /etc - exceptions Re: backlight off w/o suspend Backup server Back up using tape or remote Re: backup with tar Basedebs.tar's Md5 bash scripting question (variables and spaces) Basic linux network questions (long) Bastille, ssh bug? The battle for mbr (lilo) Best Email Web Application best way to install non debian package biggest, newest IDE disk stuck in PIO mode; because no BIOS support? [dsb] Re: biggest, newest IDE disk stuck in PIO mode; because no BIOS support? [dsb] - SOLVED BIND Bind 9 bind9 and listerning on ppp0 Bind9 - woody rndc: Connect failed timed out? booting from PCI IDE card rather than SCSI Bootp and IP ranges Re: boot problem boot problems RE: boot problem - UNSUBSCRIBE Boottime keymap Broken Debconf? Broken vim man pages in potato browser tries to download php test file info.php BSD or System V Bug#137839: i386 port could mention some supported processors Bug in apt-get dist-upgrade or is it me? Bug in php4-cgi-mysql package? bug in textutils ? Building a module without GPL license? The last update was on 09:54 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 5115 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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