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Re: ALSA or XMMS problem?

On Mon, 04 Mar 2002 08:45:46 +0100
Stefan Bellon <sbellon@sbellon.de> wrote:

>  Caleb Shay wrote:
>  > Actually, you DON'T need the aalsa xmms plugin (which is good, since
>  > it's no longer available, AFAIK).  If you edit
>  > /etc/alsa/alsa-base.conf there is a line near the top that says
>  > "startosslayer=false".  Change that to true and OSS programs just
>  > work automagically.
>  Already have done that. Anyway: sound now works for users as well. It
>  was just a reboot and it worked. Strange. I thought this is only
>  necessary on Windows. ;-)

Just caught the thread: but have you tried (1) log out, log in ; as root
(2) /etc/init.d/alsa restart? The only time I really need to reboot is
when a buggy module refuses to be unloaded.

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