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Re: backup with tar

on Wed, Feb 27, 2002, Raffaele Sandrini (rasa@gmx.ch) wrote:
> Hi
> I use tar to do my backups.
> For now i allways do full backups. Is tar able to treat only changed files? 
> That would make my bakups smaller... :-)

# Full backup, run weekly:

    touch /var/log/full-backup-start
    tar cvf /dev/nst0 <system backup path(s)>

# Differential backups (from full), done nightly:

  $ find <path(s)> -depth -newer /var/log/full-backup-start -print0 |
    tar cvf /dev/nst0 --files-from --null 

I'd strongly recommend _differential_ rather than _incremental_ backups.
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