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Re: Advice on wysiwyg editor

> > Well, I need a wysiwyg editor a la M$ Word. The documents I'll edit
> > are more or less as complex as one see in papers, I mean, numbered
> > schemes, headers, footers, inserted images and tables, page
> > numbers, footnotes, text styles, chapters, TOCs, etc.
> > So far I'm trying with Kword, Abiword and Lyx. Abiword is better
> > that Kword at importing M$ Word documents. Lyx seems to be the
> > perfect tool for the task, but it lacks (to my taste) a little
> > feedback. OK, I'll admit it, I believe it's very powerful, but I
> > find it UGLY :) Some sort of "Print Preview" would be very
> > valuable.
> Lyx could do "Print Preview" last I checked (via DVI or PostScript).
> Lyx is *not* a WYSIWYG editor, though.  You might find klyx more
> eye pleasing (though, I don't think it's been kept up to date).

I found the Preview feature, it also allows for PDF. On the other hand, 
it seems that klyx has not made into sid yet...

> very fancy.  Has way better support for indices and bibliographies
> than most word processors (but, again, it's a bit of work to set up).

I'm trying to avoid that extra work, but well, my alternative then 
would be M$ Word... :(

Thanks for your help !!

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