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Re: anacron

Am Freitag, 1. März 2002 14:43 schrieb Pietro Cagnoni:

> the problem is disk activity, not cpu load. nice won't help much.

And isn't there something like 'nice' that is capable to reduce disk access 
of one process? That would be definetly the best.

> if your machine acts just as a router, maybe the best thing is to reduce
> the filesistem complexity by removing unnecessary packages.

Beside the pure router functionality the machine provides some other basic 
stuff like bind, apache (just for some custom cgi scripts to control the 
machine by browser), postfix and fetchmail (for automatic mail exchange when 
internet connection established) etc.
This all produces a high grade of dependencies, so I don't think I can reduce 
the amount of packages that much.

> you can also edit /etc/crontab to move the anacron jobs to different
> hours.

I already did that. Delayed the jobs by some minutes, running cron.daily 
every 3rd instead of every day and so on, but that isn't really a solution.

Christian Schoenebeck

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