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Re: /tmp size

on Wed, Feb 27, 2002, Richard Otte (otte@cats.ucsc.edu) wrote:
> I recently discovered that /tmp on my machine is rather small, around
> 50mb.  I was trying to use xcdroast, but was unable to extract an audio
> cd to /tmp because it wasn't big enough.  

Tell xcdroast to unpack its files elsehwere.

/tmp is for programs that need temporary files.  Traditionally it's been
_quite_ small -- 16-32 MB on many Unices.  I tend to make it 100-200 MB
these days.  Apps which need more temporary storage should specify this,
I'd typically use /var (which I size at 1GB+) for this.

For your own personal work, I'd size a large /home partition and dump
stuff there.

My general partitioning strategy may be found at:



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