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Re: /etc/magicfilter/ljet4-filter file

I'm sending this to the list as it isn't just to Paul I'm telling this,
but to all linux-newbies (feel free to substitue your own name for his:)
Besides I prefer to have linux related discussions take place on the list,
as I'm very prone to making typos being a bit of a dyslectic and my
knowledge is very limited though I often manage to conceal both:)

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 07:12:45PM -0500, Paul wrote:

Paul, I'm a bit lost as to what you've tried lately:(

There is something wrong with your install, and it's subtle.  And
really, I'm not able to look into your machine, so I really really
need you to do the things I ask and send me a painstakingly exact
account of what you typed and how the computer reacted.  As you by now
must have learned, computers are very picky, and slight alterations in
the requested commands have widely different effects.  Also the error
messages of the computer are cryptic and terse, so if you, not fully
understanding the messages, further condense them then there is little
left for me to extract the needed information from.  And when you don't
show the commands you actually typed in, I've no way to see whether you
or I (and I'm prone to them allright:) made some silly typo.

Don't misunderstand me here, I do understand that you're no
linux-guru, and I've no problems with that, e.g. my old father (80) is
not exactly a linux-guru either, yet I manage to guide him on the
phone to do things like we are trying to do.  But he too had to be
pressed to by exact and verbose in his reports back.  Cause I really
depend on those reports to find the culprit that makes your printer
setup not working.

So please pick up my previous post, try to do things I asked for
and sent me an account. The best thing is to `reply' to that post,
cut&paste the commands into the shell and cut&paste the results back.

If this means that we first have to discuse how you can cut and paste
on a linux box, than that's fine with me too. Just le'me hear, okee?
You see, I don't mind guiding you and having to explain basic things,
but I'm getting frustrated if I don't get enough feedback, because
without the proper feedback it's impossible for me to help.

This also implies that if you don't get my explanations, le'me hear.
Quite likely it's a language thing, english is not even a secondary
language to me, so I might be talking rubbish without noting it.

Don't feel embarrashed that you're no guru yet.  To most people a
computer is just a tool to use, and that's okee.  I'm no good at
repairing cars, still I use them.  The thing with linux is that as off
to day you still need to be a little of a `mechanic' to make it work,
but if you take your time on that, and are prepared to learn while
doing, you should be fine in a couple of weeks or months depending on
your prior knowledge and your affinity with the subject.  You still
won't be a guru by then, but you will be versed in linux talk enough
to make it simple for us to help you.  And that's why we are here, to
protect and to serve:)

Keep up the good spirit and keep learning:)

********* /etc/magicfilter/ljet4-filter **************
this file doesn't quit look like mine, no reason why it shouldn't
print straight text files though, but strange as we both are running

We'll have to look into that later, but first please go over my
previous post, do the things and show the results.

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