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Re: Avoid booting direct to X.. I want my starx back

Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

> Well, I got X working in my fresh woody install, but there are a few
> rinkles. 
> 1) I want to boot to console mode and call x with startx.

Whee, got lots of help on that one.  And a couple easy fixes.
Thank you all.

Now I can startx but now I get put into a kde session.  I'd sooner set
my hair on fire, and I'm mostly bald.  

I guess I should uninstall all the kde stuff but I seem to recall
there being a problem with some of them like the libs or base, that
allow some other things to work.

All I really want is to use gnome/sawfish if in X.  When I say
`startx' thats what I want to start.  I vaguely remember there being
some place where you put a desktop choice and then its settled.

Does debian have something like that too?

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