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Re: 100dpi vs 75dpi sizes

Look at the order in which the fonts appear in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4

If the 100dpi fonts appear before the 75dpi fonts, try reversing the order and restart the display manager


Gary Hennigan wrote:

I noticed the other day that I hadn't installed the 100dpi X fonts and
so I went ahead and installed them. When I restarted X some time after
that all my fonts were completely different sizes. I managed to modify
the applications I use most frequently, like XEmacs and my Gnome
terminals, but some things are still annoyingly large. One of these is
Netscape Navigator. The buttons in the toolbar, and their associated
fonts, are so large that the "Stop" button is cropped. Of course I
could make the window wider, but is there a way to decrease the size
of these? Looking at the Navigator.ad file is like reading a word

I suppose I could go back to the 75dpi fonts but how do I make that
the default for all applications, short of removing the 100dpi fonts?

Running "testing" with XFree86


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