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Re: [newbie] Problems getting Xwindows working [includes /etc/X11/XF86Config and startx logfile]

I.J.W. Wever wrote:

> A few days ago I installed Woody and since then I have been trying to
> get Xwindows running. I've downloaded the appropriate drivers for my
> Matrox G450 from the Matrox site and tried the XF86config with various
> options, but withous succes.

These are not strictly neccessary for the G450

> I don't know how to tell XFree86 to use
> the mga_hal driver that Matrox supplied (simply putting it in the
> place of the 'vga' driver in /etc/X11/XF86Config doesn't quite work).

Read the instructions that came in the matrox tarball. You just need to 
copy a few files over. The mga driver will detect the presence of the matrox 
HAL lib automatically.

> Also there seems to be a discrepency between the startx logfile (which
> mentions the mga_hal driver) and XF86Config (which only mentions the
> standard 'vga' driver).
> Below I have included my /etc/X11/XF86XConfig and the log produced by
> startx with the final failure: 'No screens found' (a pretty common
> one, so it seems when I search the net and the archives of this list, but
> with varying
> cause)
> Ideas anyone?

Change this:

> Section "Device"
>      Identifier  "G450"
>      Driver      "vga"

to this:

Section "Device"
     Identifier  "G450"
     Driver      "mga"

Simon Hepburn.

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