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Re: Apache fails to ExecCGI properly

On Friday 01 March 2002 06:20 am, Daniel Whelan wrote:
> > Why do you say that?  It's probably not returning the headers you think
> > it should ;)
> >
> > I assume you have run it from the command line -- and as the user apache
> > is running as?
> Yes, the script runs fine from the command line. mod_perl will also
> correctly execute it.
> Daniel

cut-n-paste the output from ./myscript.cgi.  Noramlly apache is right when it 
says your headers are messed up.

You mean it works under Apache::Registry?  Mabye it's an issue with the perl 
you are specifying with the shebang line, as Apache::Registry uses the 
built-in perl, of course.

Do you think Apache's ScriptLog directive will help?

Bill Moseley

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