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ALSA or XMMS problem?


My HP OmniBook XT1000 has an VIA Technologies VT82C686A sound chip
onboard. Therefore I compiled the ALSA modules (0.9) for my 2.4.17

The weird thing is: When using XMMS to play some sound file, this only
works for user root (which I really do *NOT* want to use for such
stuff). Other users don't get sound with XMMS (if you click on play,
nothing happens, i.e. the song really does not play). However if I pipe
some data into /dev/dsp, then even users can hear "sound".

alsaplayer itself doesn't work for either root nor users. Hm.

So, what's my problem here? It surely is no hardware problem as the
sound indeed does work (for root).

Any hints appreciated! :-)




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