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Re: Avoid booting direct to X.. I want my starx back

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 10:32:50AM -0800, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Well, I got X working in my fresh woody install, but there are a few
> rinkles. 
> 1) I want to boot to console mode and call x with startx.
> Currently, I get popped right into X.
> I thought this could be contolled by setting the defalult run level 
> /etc/inittab  But I see nothing in there that looks likely.

Sounds like you have gdm (or xdm or ?dm) installed. Substitute ? with
the appropriate letter below.

If you *always* want to start X by hand, then you shouldn't need ?dm.
de-install it. Or edit /etc/init.d/?dm to "exit 0" before it does
anything useful.

If you *mostly* want to start X by hand, then run 
    # update-rc.d -f ?dm remove
This will remove the symlinks from /etc/rc*.d to ?dm, and should allow
you start it anyway by invoking /etc/init.d/?dm by hand

Note: I'm not sure how this approach fares if you upgrade ?dm - they
symlinks may reappear - update-rc.d will recreate them only if they were
cleanly removed, but not if some were left in place. More details on
"man update-rc.d"

> In fact it claims the default is runlevel 2.  Or is runlevel 2 X.  I
> don't think so.

Have faith. The default *is* 2.
> In my redhat dealings it was possible to set default to runlevel 5
> which force boot to bring up X.  setting runlevel 3 gave you a console
> login. 

Debian doesn't use runlevels for this. AFAIK runlevels 2-5 are
completely under the control of the sysadmin, but by default they are

I suspect that if we were to use runlevels for this sort of stuff, then
we'd quickly run out of them. This has been discussed on this list in
the past - probably somewhere in the archives @ http://lists.debian.org

Karl E. Jørgensen
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