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Re: about terminals: backspace <-> del

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Hi Ionut,
terminals are nightmare for me too :) It was more actual when I was
writing telnet client called SemTel ... I was working on that for three
years and during that time was terminal definiton on Debian changed few
times, RedHat have similar problems.

Now I quit M$ platform, but I still have sometime problems when I ssh to
old Debian boxes (slink,potato) with xterm. I've no idea why are people
still messing with terminal definitons.

I simply had to accept that arrows, del, home, end keys are not being
correctly interpreted by that old systems :(

We are lucky that vi have loots cool features which are working without
special keys. XEmacs's proprietary solution of every problem (terminal,
national keyboard) come in this case handy too ;)

Hope that people have good reason this, maybe someone here know more about
this. Sadly noone answered to you, I'm giving next try, I'm realy curious ;)

> What can I do to solve this ? How does the whole term* thing actually
> work ? (It happens under X and xterm. TERM=xterm)

On Linux are terminals described by /etc/termcap (actualy Debian isn't
using termcap any more libtermcap is just fake ...) and by modern
terminfo, you should type `infocmp xterm` to see your xterm's terminal
definiton. For information what that all mean you need to read at least
part of `man 5 terminfo`.

For solving problem you have to compare ESC codes for 'kdch1' which stands
for "delete-character key" and for 'kbs' which is for "backspace key". On
both system they have to be same.

terminfo definitons are stored in precompiled form, I'm not sure if you
can just move xterm definiton from one system to another. You can try to
decompile it with `infocmp xterm` and compile back with `tic ...`.

Good luck

Sorry for CC, I was long time ago when you ask this so I want to be sure
you will receive my answer. Please CC me if anybody will answer.

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Jan Tomasek aka Semik           work: CESNET, z.s.p.o.
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                                      Czech Republic

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Ionut Georgescu wrote:

> Hi,
> terminals have always been a nightmare for me. Never knew how to fix
> them.  Right now 2 machines have all of a sudden backspace rerouted to
> del. What can I do to solve this ? How does the whole term* thing
> actually work ? (It happens under X and xterm. TERM=xterm)
> Regards,
> Ionut

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