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Re: (hard drive not recognized)


On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, egemen wrote:

>     Hi,
>     I have problem with my Caleb it 144 MB UHD drive,
>     my comp. did not recognize the drive
>     Can you help me?
Seems like a pretty old drive. Are you sure the drive still works?

So you can't get your BIOS to recognize your drive. Does your BIOS have an
auto detection option for harddisks? Does the drive provide any
information about it's geometry, i.e. heads, cylinders etc. Is the drive
the only one in your computer? Are the jumpers set correctly? Is the drive
correctly connected to the cable? Is the cable correctly connected to the
motherboard? If it is an IO card, is the card working correctly? Is the
cable ok? Does the drive get powered up? What error message do you get? Is
it an IDE or SCSI drive?

You see, there is lots to check. Which ones have you already checked?
Of which ones are you really sure?


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