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Re: AutoCAD (or similar) for Debian/Linux?

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 07:46, Carl Johnson wrote:

> The original person who requested information about CAD should
> probably check carefully into Linuxcad first.  They have had a bad
> reputation for years, but probably part of that was due to their spam
> advertising practices in the linux newsgroups.  There used to be at
> least one person who had a web site detailing his problems with them,
> but you would have to do a search to find it.
> -- 
> Carl Johnson		carlj@peak.org


Some more relevant links:
http://www.octree.de/ -- Free-for-non-commericial-use 2d/3d CAD. Late
BETA. binary only.
Price:Unknown until final release.

http://www.qcad.org/  -- GPL'd 2d only CAD package.

http://www.varicad.com/ -- Commercial 2d/3d CAD package. GLX support,
15-day full trial. binary only.
Price:$400 commercial, $99 student.

http://www.microform.se/ -- Varkon, a free-use, open-source package.
of a CAD back-end than a finished package, but very powerful.
Price:GPLed for UNIX. Windows version $875(!)

http://www.arcad.de/gb/home.htm -- another 2d/3d package. looks nice.
<$100 student pricing. 
Greg C. Madden
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

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