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Re: DEITY TEAM -- Response to call for comments DEITY TEAM: Ideas (Long) DEITY TEAM: Minor query re: .deb format delete and backspace in emacs Dependencies Dependency ordering depmod 2.1.34 depmod error reading ELF header Detached PGP signatures in mail? dftp without dselect? dhcpcd and win95 help please Dial up PPP Dial-in Config Problem Differences between run levels 2-5? Directory permissions. disk problems Do teTeX packages work well? Does dwww support compressed files? Does this list still work? Does this list still work? - The saga continues... Dosemu bug: kernel version DosEmu corrupting console? dosemu..send me your configs... Double messages? Downloading Debain Dpkg gone haywire Dpkg gone haywire? dpkg Question dpkg-ftp Error - Suggestions? dpkg: an option not to run postinst scripts? / group Debian installs dselect dselect "deity" and "debian in the lab" dselect for X? dselect/dpkg daydreams Dump hangs on my system dump or taper for backups? E-Mail Setup Question - new server Emacs keys differences between console and X Email script RE: Email Script enscript package bug+fix epson stylus 800 or 600 EQL error in bind.postinst with froze Error installing wu-ftp Error Message of kerneld? Error patching to 2.0.30....anyone else? Error: Too Many Open files Errors upgrading 1.2.x -> frozen Ethernet performance. EXMH question extracting tar with nonexistant users Re: FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages Fatal Error Message During My Linux 1.2 Installation Fatal error: Unable to handle kernel... fdisk problem - can't seek A few questions Filter filtering FINALLY! Relay control for smail Re: Finding files not present (challenge to your intelligence) finger from remote site will not list .plan fixing dates? a freeze during install From SLACKWARE to DEBIAN -- help along the way Frontpage and Debian Re: Frontpage and Debian (SOLVED!) Frontpage and Linux (again) Frontpage and Linux Page ftape and errors FTP access without login capabilities? ftp in access lost - cannot assign requested address ftpd rejects all users ! Re: ftpd rejects all users ! (SOLVED) FTPing from my debian box... Future Domain controller Re: fvwm2 menus burned fvwm2: don't get window outline when resizing window FXircom gives in... General help needed ! Linux Getting started with the JE Debian packages getting the screen to suspend/turn off: the sage continues Getting X to run with a Tseng ET6000 GlimpseHTTP anyone? globally override/fool dpkg dependency mechanism? hamm hamm: modutils and fvwm2 Hang during boot Hayes ESP serial port HDA1 - HDA2 mounting as root Help Compiling HELP WITH - Re: Multiple copies of the same message from Rick Jones in debian-user. (fwd) help with fortran - off-topic help with named help with printing, please... Help with sed! Help with using ISP name for email help! Re: help! - Majordomo Re: Help! I messed up! HELP!! Boot Disk Problems HELP: Fatal Signal 11 hi Homer has the ppp blues :-( Hostid HotJava script How do I remove gpm? How do you guys read news offline? How to delete special files on msdos partition? how to generate Packages.gz ? how to get mirror to send a local dir to a remote locn? How to list long package names? how to make ppp die after only 4 rings? How to modify subject of incoming emails using procmail How to mount > 64 mount point How to setup SCSI Iomega Zip Drive How to upgrade? How was the trip? hypermail and majordomo -> error I think I figured it out IBM PS/2 computer ILU improving pine speed when using remote smtp server inetd dying init level Install base system from frozen (bo) Install of rpm pk on debian distrib. Install report, finally INSTALL:dual-boot installation disks wanted for stable release Installation of Debian 1.2 from a PCMCIA CD-ROM drive Installation problems Installing packages from MS-DOS floppies? intel ether express pro/10+ pci Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA Invalid NBT Packets? ioctl: Invalid argument IP/TTY Watcher ip_alias.o module not included? Is Bo frozen??? Is there a ncftp package? Is there an opposite to adduser? Is there an xterm for windows or win95. ISAPNP help ISDN Support Java Journalling: Upgrades, Kernel patching, ... Re: KDE/KDM keeping multiple debian machines in sync Re: keeping multiple debian machines in sync / dselect & dependecies kerberos packages? The last update was on 02:11 GMT Sun Jun 16. There are 2096 messages. Page 2 of 5.

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