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Fatal Error Message During My Linux 1.2 Installation


Why do I keep getting a "Fatal Error: Cannot seek on disk
drive" message during the "Partition The Hard Drive" portion of the
installation of Debian version 1.2.  When I "View the Partition Table"
this is the configuration of my Pentium200:

/dev/hda1 *     1       1       508     2048224 +       6       dos
        2       509     509     620     451584          5       extended
        5       509     509     620     378976  +       6       dos
        6       603     603     620     72544   +       6       dos

When I purchased my computer in December of 1996, I had intended to
install Linux and the swap on my machine.I was hoping to change hda5 to
400K for the Linux partition and hda6 to 51.5K for the swap. 

Is there a maximum limitation to the first partition (not the Linux
partition) that might preclude me from installing Linux at all?  I
couldn't find any documentation supporting this notion.

Thank you very much.
F. Melody Bohn

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