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Re: dftp without dselect?

On Sat, 5 Apr 1997 adavis@saipan.com wrote:

> Is it possible to install packages via dftp without using dselect?  
> Alternately, what is needed to mount an NFS?
> Thank you.  
> Alan Davis

Once you have the files you can use the dpkg command to install them. Be
sure to read the dpkg man page. It has a lot of useful options.

Simple Example:

dpkg -i /mypkgs/simpl*

Suppose that a package simpleton-2.3.x.deb was found and installed OK
after executing this command. The database would be updated and the select
screen of dselect would show it as installed.


If you have nfs installed properly and permission to mount the remote

mount -t nfs foo:/public /mnt/debian

would work if machine foo was exporting /public and you had created a
directory /mnt/debian.

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