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RE: Dial-in Config Problem


This is from the NET-2-HOWTO.  You can find more in the ppp-HOWTO and I
believe the serial howto.

 Configuring a PPP server is similar to establishing a SLIP server.
  You can create a special `ppp' account, which uses an executable
  script as its login shell. The /etc/passwd entry might look like:

       ppp:EncPasswd:102:50:PPP client login:/tmp:/etc/ppp/ppplogin

  and the /etc/ppp/ppplogin script might look like:

       exec /usr/sbin/pppd passive :

  The address that you provide will be the address that the calling
  machine will be assigned.

  Naturally, if you want multiple users to have simultaneous access you
  would have to create a number of startup scripts and individual
  accounts for each to use, as you can only put one ip address in each
On 16-Apr-97 Kevin Traas wrote:
>I've no idea if this is might be documented somewhere.  If so, please point
>me to the right FM to RTFM.... <grin>  Thanks.
>I would like to offer both normal terminal and PPP connections on my
>dial-in modems for my end-users.  If possible, I'd like it to be as
>automated as possible - i.e. No user intervention.  
>Is this possible?  If so, any suggestions, etc.?
>Kevin Traas
>Systems Analyst
>Edmondson Roper CA
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Have a good one.

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