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Re: How to modify subject of incoming emails using procmail

On Apr 8, tomk@westgac3.dragon.com wrote
> I'd like to comment on this. If the debian-* list administrator(s) would edit
> the debian-*.config files and change the "subject_prefix" option to reflect
> the appropriate list, then all of the filtering would be easier on the members
> of the list. A subject line like 
>     Subject: I need HELP
> would become
>     Subject: DEBIAN-USER I need HELP

Argh. No... please don't.

The official recipe for filtering email sent by whatever runs the Debian
mailing list software is:

:0 :
* ^X-Mailing-list: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>

Please try that instead. (i.e. filter on the X-Mailing-List header. I'll
let you guess what the content of the header looks like for other Debian
mailing lists...)

I find that 'Subject: LIST-NAME The original subject' really annoying,
personally. I presort all my mailing lists emails into separate folders, so
all the emails in the LIST-NAME folder have LIST-NAME in their
subject. This a) provides no additional information whatsoever and b) eats
up something like 20% of the precious 'subject' display space, which I use
to decide what to read and what not to read.

As an additional rant, if you (or anyone else) need help on debian-user,
please use a subject a bit more descriptive than "I need HELP". (I know,
you probably simply picked "I need HELP" as an example) I, for one, don't
have the time to read all of debian-user, even though I certainly don't
mind helping people with the Unix stuff I know well. So if you post on
debian-user asking for help setting up qmail_1.00-1.deb (say), an email
titled "Help needed setting up qmail.deb" will get my attention any day,
while I probably won't read an email titled "Help ME!!!!" unless I have
lots of free time that day.  And I doubt I'm the only person...

Yes, I'm done ranting now. :-)


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