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Re: keeping multiple debian machines in sync

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Rick Hawkins wrote:

> > The ideal way would be for dpkg or dselect to be more network aware, and
> > allow remote installs.  The main problem right now is that there is no way
> > to save all the keystrokes that I'd type during the configuration stage,
> > so I have to type the same things for each install. 
> just off the top of my head, but how about using deselect to select the
> packages, then replacing /var/lib/dpkg/status on the other machines with
> this file from the master?  Then master downloads the files by ftp (or
> whatever), and the others get their files from master?
> rick

This works for me. I often have to do this when playing with the bo
packages. You could easily put it in a script with proper checking of
dpkg exit() codes. 

1) nfs is used (/mirrors/debian is a symlink to /mnt/dx2/mirrors/debian)
2) use dselect or view Packages to get dependencies
3) something like this:
	cd /mirrors/debian/bo/libs
	dpkg -i neededlib1*
	dpkg -i neededlib2*
	cd ../admin
	dpkg -i wantedapp*

I have used this method several times to sucessfully get back to the point
where install from dselect would succeed again. I suppose you could write
a version that would first deselect several of the default packages that
are initially selected for install/upgrade.

If server disk space is not a problem, place the packages in directories
numbered by dependency level:

	cd /mirrors/debian/local/level1
	dpkg -i *.deb
	cd ../level2
	dpkg -i *.deb
	cd ../level3
 	dpkg -i *.deb

or just put symlinks in the levelN directories:
	cd /mirrors/debian
	ln -s contrib/binary/package.deb level1/package.deb

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