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Re: ip_alias.o module not included?

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Don Brady wrote:

> In the pre-compiled modules distributed with 1.2.8 of Debian, all of the
> ipv4 modules are missing.   In  particular I need ip_alias.o.
> I realize I can regenerate the kernal and modules but this seems like it may
> take me some time.
> Meanwhile, does any one know where I could find a precompiled copy?
> Thanks

I am building such a kernel package. One question that is raised here is:
If a prepackaged kernel is supplied with modules and support for virtual
hosting, firewalling, etc. how does that affect the performance for users
that don't need such features?

The one I am building is 2.0.29 for a machine which serves as a firewall,
gateway, and virtual ftp/http server. The virtual apache can be handy even
on a local network. I have used it before so macs, win, and linux clients
could browse http://server/docs/ and websites could be emulated locally
for test purposes. The caching proxy server feature of apache is nice,

I would appreciate any input from people re what they need most in special
kernels. I could also use a good www survey/voting package if anybody has

Paul Wade - Greenbush Technologies Corporation
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