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Re: Dpkg gone haywire

On Apr 3, Kevin J Poorman wrote
> Ok I think I have figured out what happened to my dpkg... I lost the file
> dir or dir.lock that is the database in /usr/info. does anyone know how I
> can force the creation/recreation of this file? Does any one know the
> format of this file??

You can't lose 'dir.lock'. It's present only when install-info is writing
to your /usr/info/dir file.

If you lost /usr/info/dir, there's unfortunately no easy way to recreate
it. If you want a quick fix that lets you install packages, just create an
empty /usr/info/dir (by running 'touch /usr/info/dir' as root) and
install-info should be happy.  If you want to restore /usr/info/dir, do the

cd /var/lib/dpkg/info
fgrep install-info *.postinst

This will print out a list of all the post-installation scripts which run
install-info. Then just run all these install-info commands by hand.

The other alternative is to reinstall the packages which provide info


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