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Re: Help! I messed up!

Kurt Cockrum wrote:
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> Sounds like, right offhand, if you could recover an old /etc/lilo.conf, maybe
> from an old backup (hope your rescue disk has the stuff on it necessary to
> restore from a backup), or by just typing it in, you could run lilo on that and
> then get going with vmlinuz.old.  You might need to copy vmlinuz.old to vmlinuz,
> if the replaced /etc/lilo.conf doesn't mention vmlinuz.old, or do some appropriate

I went ahead and pased the address to vmlinuz.old and got it going that
way. Temporary Brain Panic. I've since compiled one with no modules, and
now I'm making one with one feature moduleized, testing it and if it
works, I'll go ahead and do another one with yet another module and so
on.....  Also something new, I've got a notepad here and am writing down
every step I do, my kernel config is stored in 2 or 3 places includimg
on a DOS floppy. Ya can't be too paranoid!!



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