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error in bind.postinst with froze

I decided to make the plunge and upgrade one of my machines from a
'sorta' 1.2.7 to the frozen/bo, using the most recent mirror here in OZ
as of yesterday. Apart from the latex/tetex nightmare (I _cannot_ get
latex to go away! I'm going to have to hack the database I reckon!) I
have a major problem installing the bind package.

It unpacks OK, but then during the config it crashes with an unknown
syntax error near line 120 'done'. This is just after an esac, and
closing a while loop that seems to set up the named.root file. That
machine is my principle research machine and now has no name services.
The biggest problem is of course that other machines can't authenticate
me anymore, so it may as well not be connected to the network at all!

Any help at all would be nice, as I can't see anything wrong with the
bash script, but it's not my strongest suit anyway.

John Foster

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