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Re: Dependency ordering

On Apr 12, Jason Gunthorpe wrote

> > 	I have just finished the next version of the package ordering
> >  libraries/tool which shall be uploaded tonight to master -- I think I
> >  have caught most of the design issues rasied on the lists (I am
> >  including the spec below).
> Hm, I think we need to talk :> It's late so I will be brief.
> What you have created is related, almost duplicating the functionality
> that the dpkg-lib library that we (the Deity team) is developing. Actually
> your application is the reason we want to create dpkg-lib, so ppl can make
> things like you did. Anyhow, with your package it looks like we have 4
> implementations of the base functions of dpkg-lib. Joy. 

Could you include Manoj in your team if he likes too?  He's a keen
programmer afaik.



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