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On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Kevin J Poorman wrote:

> hello
> Does anyone have kde/kdm working on there computer ... I downloaded the
> red hat package and tryed to install it but it errored out ... if any one
> has kde working I would appreciate info on how you got it working...
Yes i got it running, what I needed was:

- libqt, a lib from Troll-Systems (is that right), is a debian package
- libqt-dev
- libkde the main lib for the kde project
- khtmlw, a www/html widget set
- lib_gif, or something like that
- liblpeg jpeg libary

and some fiddeling with the path entry in Makefiles and *.h files
and some nice things like that....

For me the kdm is a nice replacement for xdm.

      Ph. Grau <phgrau@wi-bw.tfh-wildau.de> Technische FH Wildau
                     Wildau, Brandenburg, Germany

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