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Detached PGP signatures in mail?

   It seems a few of you are using a mail agent that's capable of
generating a detached PGP certificate of your message and including it as a
MIME type of application/pgp-signature, apparently under the impression
that we're all going to take the time to check whether or not it was really
you who sent that embarrassing message.

   I don't know how the average Linux mailer handles these, but I use
Windows 95 (no, don't bother flaming) in my main machine, with Eudora as my
mailer. I'm getting a little tired of my attachment directory filling up
with little PGP signatures which contain no indication of which message
they belong to, even if I wanted to crank up PGP to check them, which I
don't. (Note: this is NOT an attack on PGP: I use it myself. The issue is
that I don't need any help to clutter up my hard drive -- I can manage that
quite well on my own, thank you very much).

   Since I've written a Eudora 3.x plug-in to interface with PGP anyway, I
thought I'd add a translator for these signatures and have it discard them.
I think it should work, but I have no way to test it except to wait for a
Debian user digest with a signature in it, and see what happens -- and,
would you believe it, since I've written the translator, no PGP signatures
have turned up!

   A better way to test it, of course, would be to obtain whichever mail
agent generates these things, install it on my Linux machine, and send
messages to myself for collection with Eudora. In the interests of harmony,
can one of you people who are generating these detached PGP certificates
tell me what mail agent you're using to generate them? And, if it's a
little obscure, or hard to obtain outside the USA, a site I can obtain it



Ron Murray ron@merlin.ece.curtin.edu.au   http://curly.ece.curtin.edu.au/ron
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