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RE: improving pine speed when using remote smtp server

>From: 	Douglas L Stewart[SMTP:douglas@pobox.com]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, 01 April, 1997 2:27 AM
>What I'd _like_ to do is to set up smail on my laptop where it'll forward
>the mail to the mailhost.  This isn't really a problem, and there seems to
>be an option to do this when the smail package isn't configured.
No problem; just run smailconfig to set it up.  Make your selection,
such as "send all external mail to smart host" and put in the name of
that host.  You want smail to be running all the time.  When you send
the mail, smail gets it.  It waits in the queue.  Given sufficient time,
the daemon will send you a message about not being able to deliver.
That's ok; what you want to do is after you connect to your ISP, issue
"runq -v" to send off all of your queued messages.

Taking this a step further, you can use popclient of perhaps fetch mail
to retrieve your messages.  In this manner, you basicly work "offline,"
and when you go online, you send (runq) and receive (popclent).

Aahhh, almost forgot!  You will also need to change pine to talk to your
own box instead of to a remote one.

>dwiebold@aus.etn.com . . . kc5xh . . . . . My other computer runs Linux!

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