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Re: keeping multiple debian machines in sync

On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Matthew Tebbens wrote:

> Hmmmm,
> I wonder if its possible to create an master 'image' and xfer it over to
> other machines. Of course all the machines must the same hardware.

Yes, that's what I was referring to when I talked about using rdist (which
is how we keep our sunos and solaris machines in sync).  But as you
pointed out, this requires that the machines have very similar hardware
configurations, and I can't assume this especially when it comes to video
support. Also, using rdist will mean that the installed packages info for
dpkg will be incorrect on all other machines besides the master image
machine (if the owner of one machine adds a package for example, that info
would go away if I pushed over an dpkg info file from the master).

The ideal way would be for dpkg or dselect to be more network aware, and
allow remote installs.  The main problem right now is that there is no way
to save all the keystrokes that I'd type during the configuration stage,
so I have to type the same things for each install. 

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