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Re: Frontpage and Debian

Adam Shand <larry@earthlight.co.nz> writes:
> >You can download them from the rtr.com site, and then you just need to
> >add to the httpd.conf for Apache (or the equivalent on other httpds):
> I found the old debian package and got it to work by downgrading.

Yes, but you've just broken several other packages on your system. :-(
Try reinstalling something that interacts with the 'menu' package, for
example.  Or, in fact, just about anything that depends on libg++.

> ># Make sure the FrontPage stuff finds its private lib versions
> >SetEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/frontpage/libs:/lib:/usr/lib
> Okay, I'm a little unsure of this.  Where do I put this line?  In the
> httpd.conf?  I've never heard of a setenv variable for apache??

Yes, grab the package from the rtr site, put the libs in a special
directory like /usr/local/frontpage/libs, and then add that SetEnv to
your httpd.conf.  I hadn't heard of SetEnv until I needed it for this,

Trust me, it will work better in the long run---the old libg++ does
break packages compiled for newer versions.  Really.  You will only
find yourself frustrated in the long run.  I tried to stay with the
old libs for a couple of months, but kept having things break, which
got really old.

Besides, if you get the special libs from rtr, and put them somewhere
associated with frontpage, then you'll know why they're there, rather
than you having to remember to not upgrade the out-of-date libs
package that dpkg will complain about every time you upgrade a package
that uses C++.

> >It does work, though the whole mess is a ghastly hack.
> Hmmm.. yes.  Everything is getting a little out of hand ... this is
> supposed to be easy!  :)

What, a M$ product, easy?  You should be amazed that it runs on Unix
at all.


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