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Re: Help with using ISP name for email

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Jason Ish wrote:

> To fix this I have starting using pine, I start it using sudo as user
> jbi130 on my home system but these becomes a pain (as far as file
> permissions) are concerned when add folders and deleting stuff and so on.
> Is there a better way to go about this.  I use fetchmail ro retrieve from
> Thanks for any help.
> Jason Ish
> jbi130@mail.usask.ca

Hi Jason, 
I see you've received other replies, but I think it is as simple as
setting up pine to send the from: you want.
The following is from the section in the config menu for pine which should
do what you wish.

            [ ]  use-sender-not-x-sender
            [ ]  use-subshell-for-suspend
initial-keystroke-list   = <No Value Set>
default-composer-hdrs    = <No Value Set>
customized-hdrs          = From: Richard Morin <joanarich@speedline.ca>
If this isn't doing what it should let me know so I can play with my
configs a little more too. :-)

Richard Morin
       Murphy's Fifth Law: If anything just cannot  go  wrong,  it  will

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