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Future Domain controller

I have an old PC that I want to Debianize.  It has a Future Domain
ISA SCSI controller.  The exact model is the TMC-1680.  The disks as
some crufty old DEC RZ23's that I salvaged from some DECstations.

The DOS device drivers distributed with the controller will recognize
and access these drives.  The kernel on the Debian rescue disk that I
tried (modification date of 1997-03-25 for the disk image) finds the
Future Domain controller but times out waiting for a response from the
drives.  Eventually it declares that no devices were found.

Any suggestions?  A brief glance at the source code for the device
driver for this controller (isn't it wonderful to be able to say
that?) indicates that there is a DO_DETECT flag to control some extra
code.  My next attempt will be to create a custom kernel with this
flag enabled and build custom boot floppies unless there are better
suggestions from the list.

The old RZ23 drives had problems with other controllers in the past so
it may be the specific type of drive.

Suggestions welcome.

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