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Re: disk problems

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Matt Lawrence wrote:

> Ok, I've run out of places to look.  I'm getting occasional "hda:timeout"
> messages and my system is locking up with a disk error after anywhere from
> a few hours to a couple of days.  When it locks up, I can still change
> virtual consoles, but I can't run anything and ctrl-alt-del doesn't work.
> Since I hope to leave this system running unattended in Austin, crashes are
> a very bad thing.  Help???

I'm having this same problem with a 486 with a fairly new motherboard.
It seems to happen most often when there is a fair amount of disk activity
which makes me think it might be triggered by queueing writes to both
disks under certain circumstances.  One of these days when I get the
time I'm going to upgrade the flash BIOS on the motherboard to see if
that helps.  Can you get a new disk controller for your machine to see
if that helps?

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